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Hand Gun Hangers 4 PACK


The Original Handgun Hangers 4 PACK


Product Description

Qty: 4 Per Packet

Handgun Hangers provide an innovative way to store pistols by utilizing the wasted space underneath the shelf.  Clear off shelf space and make room for more ammo, important documents, etc.  With Handgun Hangers, guns are easier to access and make a nice presentation.  Designed and made by Gun Storage Solutions.


  • For guns with an overall length of 10" or shorter.
  • Fits on shelves 5/8" - 1" thick.
  • Vinyl Coated
  • Fits as small as a 22 caliber

*Allow room for length of gun and ensure door will shut when using this product.  Shelf must be at least 10.5" deep to use this product.