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Rifle Rods Pack 6


Rifle Storage Kit - 6 Rods Per Pack 


.17 Rods x 2

Product Description

hink your gun safe is full?  Think again! 

Now you can store more guns and access them easier.  Lift out the standard plywood rack(s) in your safe and replace it with Rifle Rods.  Gun Storage Solutions American-made Rifle Rods individually stabilize each long gun upright, rather than leaning, for more versatility.  The Shelf Liner provided in Rifle Rods Starter Kits, adapt any space - gun safe, closet, cabinet or anywhere there is a shelf.  Rifle Rods work great for guns with scopes, shotguns, and tactical weapons.  Customers report an average increase of 50% more guns - See Gun Safe Before & After Pictures.

6 Rod Pack for safes already lined or for additional requirements